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Please be advised that the information provided here is subject to change as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Updated March 23, 2020)

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How long should we anticipate the closure of Warren Glen Academy?

Based on daily information shared and communicated by local, state, and government officials, there is a strong possibility that school closures in New Jersey will last longer than first anticipated as per Executive Order 104 signed by Governor Murphy. We advise all staff and parents to begin preparing for an extensive closure state-wide. As of this writing, until further notice from the official agencies, the Warren Glen Academy will be closed.

Should Warren Glen Academy be closed beyond the Spring Recess, what are student/staff expectations?

We expect both staff and students to continue to log on daily for attendance and learning purposes. Students and parents should notify our staff should they have any difficulty with the assignments. The team will continue to develop, create, and deliver lessons and assessments that meet N.J. Department of Education requirements. For direct communication, we have provided the email addresses of teachers and paraprofessionals. During the scheduled spring break (April 10 – April 19), you may expect no lessons.

As a parent/guardian, how can I assist, or what is my role in the instructional process during this closure?

Parents are the most critical resource during this unprecedented time. Warren Glen Academy asks parents/guardians to continue to monitor their child’s progress and daily work and never hesitate to contact the child’s teacher(s) if there is a question or concern.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding schoolwork?

The best point of contact for questions, concerns, or issues regarding schoolwork is the classroom teachers.

Are teachers and students required to check their work every day?

Yes. While we are on a modified schedule, we expect that teachers are in contact with their students daily and respond to any questions within a reasonable amount of time. Teachers have been instructed to check email, phone messages, and respond to students and parents on time.

I have an IEP meeting scheduled for my son/daughter, will the meeting still take place, how will I be notified?

When it comes to IEP meetings, Child Study Teams are making every effort to go on as business as usual. If a meeting face to face is not required and the legal guardian gives consent, the meeting will take place via teleconference. The case manager will contact the parent and teachers to schedule the meeting. If the meeting does require face to face contact or if the legal guardian does not give consent, it must be rescheduled to a time in which the district is back in session.

Will any form of N.J. standardized testing take place?

As of this writing, there has been no formal announcement from N.J. Department of Education. There is speculation regarding a suspension of testing based upon Federal reports. Any decision related to N.J. State assessments and testing will come from the Commissioner of Education’s office.

What chemical solutions does the custodial staff use to clean the buildings?

The custodial staff is utilizing sanitizing, disinfectant agents, and a bleach dilution on all surface areas, including the walls, handrails, and linked materials.

“Cabin fever” describes a person who becomes restless when isolated indoors for too long. What are some strategies we can do to lessen the effects of cabin fever?

Keeping your mind active is essential. Try to look at everything you usually do from a different light and make changes to your daily routine. Also, consider exercising. Numerous free online videos will walk you through some great workouts! Yoga (which our students have experience with) is a great way to calm the mind and body. Also, take time to learn a new skill or finish that project you’ve meant to tackle. There are plenty of videos online for the Do It Yourselfers (DIY).

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