School Emergency

The Parents Role

If There is a School Emergency

Do NOT Block Entrances or Roadways

  • When parents rush to the scene they create barrier for first responders and emergency vehicles

Do NOT panic

  • The school will make every effort to contact you
  • Your child is NOT a reliable source of information in an emergency

Do NOT Interfere.

  • Stay away
  • Do not call the school
  • Wait for instructions

Students will be allowed to call

  • At the appropriate time
  • When the situation is under control

Do NOT call or text your child; do NOT engage their texts

  • You may put their life in jeopardy if you do

School administrators are united

  • There is a plan and it is well known
  • Don not worry- we are prepared

What can parents do?

  • Speak with your child about his/her role
  • Tel them to take it seriously, top pay attention, and to NOT try to contact you

You will receive automated text messages

  • You may also get called with verified information through an automated system as soon as Administrators and Police can communicate with you
  • This is done when the situation is safe to do so.
  • If there is delay, it is because information is being collected

Keep this in mind:

If students are texting, they are not paying attention to necessary directions

In a lock-down, the chime of a text or the light from a phone can direct a harm-doer right to them

Lock-downs mean QUIET and DARK. The slightest sound can be heard in a quiet school

Important Contacts:

NJ Dept. of Education
Warren County Office
1501 Rt. 57
Washington, NJ 07882
(908) 689-0497

Warren County Prosecutors Office
413 Second St.
Belvidere, NJ 07823
(908) 475-6275

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