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How Are You Using Your Time?

Jun ye Nist May 2023

One million seconds equals 12 days.

One billion seconds equals 31 years.

One trillion seconds equals 31,688 years.

The odds of being born equal 1 in 400 trillion.

How are you using your time? I have surpassed the two billion seconds mark during my lifetime and am thankful for beating the odds of 1 in 400 trillion. While no one will ever see one trillion seconds, how much time will we enjoy, achieve, and accomplish with the seconds allotted?

A basement at the University of Colorado in Boulder houses a clock considered the world’s most accurate. Identified as a strontium atomic clock, invented by a scientist named Jun Ye, the clock is said to be so precise that it would take fifteen billion years to lose a single second of time. The first atomic clock was developed in 1949 by the National Bureau of Standards and helped scientists precisely define and redefine the measurement of a second by the year 1967. Now, without going all Physics on you, let me make this simple. This clock is super, super accurate.

So, how are you spending your seconds with your student/child? At Warren Glen Academy, we make the seconds, minutes, hours, and days count in preparing your student/child for a lifetime of growth and learning. As they say, every second counts; do not waste them.

Dr. Randy Pratt
Executive Director

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Your child deserves to be accepted and seen for who they are. At Warren Glen Academy they will be.

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