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(I read this story and have been unable to corroborate its event authenticity, but I’m sharing it with you because of its content.)

Ferruccio Lamborghini didn’t start as a sports car manufacturer. He was a farm tractor manufacturer. However, Ferruccio drove a Ferrari automobile. At an event showcasing Ferrari automobiles, Lamborghini approached an executive of Ferrari about the car’s engine and what he thought could be improved. The Ferrari representative scoffed at Lamborghini, who looked upon him as a simple tractor man and told him that his advice was not important to them.

So, rather than Lamborghini wasting his time arguing and trying to convince Ferrari to change their minds to improve their automobile, Lamborghini, who owned a Ferrari, set out to develop his own automobile. Thus, Lamborghini took control of his destiny, competed, and beat Ferrari at their own enterprise.

Lamborghini did something. He set in motion something to achieve, strive toward, change, make better, and accomplish. But the first thing he needed to do was – start.

I’m asking of you two things. The first? What have you not started that should have been? And the second? What should you be telling us so that we are not the Ferrari?

Is Warren Glen Academy a fit for your student population? We might be. Warren Glen Academy has been a winning solution for many students and many schools. If we can be of assistance, or if you have a struggling student in your program, contact us for placement information. 908-995-1999 or at

Be well, and remain safe,

Dr. Randy Pratt
Executive Director

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