2020-2021 Fundraiser

Our 2020 Fundraiser

Your support makes learning and growing possible.

Dear Stepping Stone School/Warren Glen Academy Friend,

You may have heard that the Stepping Stone School celebrated its 40th Anniversary last year. And in that celebratory year the name of the school has changed to become the Warren Glen Academy. We changed the name to represent an updated vision and practice of our academic and behavioral programs for students with special needs ages 5 to 21. The Warren Glen Academy is steeped in the values of what started the Stepping Stone School as we move forward with new programs, new curriculum, and new beginnings keeping with our motto: Expanding Horizons for Diverse Learners. This new name was chosen from dozens of possibilities and represents the location and building we are housed. Warren being our County location; Glen being the small valley in which we sit; and, Academy for our expanded academic/behavioral/social/career programs.

As you know, COVID placed an unfair and burdensome economic pressure on us. Our annual Tricky Tray which hugely supports student events, activities, and program materials was cancelled due to the pandemic. Our students returned to school on September 1st amidst a myriad of new precautions and sanitizing practices which further burdened our budget due to COVID. We are appealing to you if you can assist us with a donation to the Warren Glen Academy to help keep our student programs moving forward. Your donation is tax deductible through Warren Glen Academy as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

“Your donation is really an investment in the future of a student, and that investment is so worth it.”

We appreciate the gracious generosity of your donation and wish you good health and safety.


Dr. Randy Pratt
Executive Director

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Your child deserves to be accepted and seen for who they are. At Warren Glen Academy they will be.

Sept–June 8:15AM to 2:15PM

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