The Glasser Approach

The Warren Glen Academy utilizes the Glasser Approach (specifically Choice Theory and Nurtured Heart) in our well-rounded curriculum, which allows us to take several slightly different approaches to help ensure your child feels cared for and supported on our bucolic campus.

William Glasser’s Choice Theory is predicated on helping students take ownership of their individual choices. While they cannot control choices other people might make, they can control how they react and the choices they make. Helping them understand and embrace this helps them in turn take greater ownership of their behavior—including both actions and consequences—as they grow into the best possible versions of themselves. That is the essence of what has become known as the Glasser Approach.

Nurtured Heart is our approach to ensuring each student feels loved and supported unconditionally. We help ensure that they get just as much relationship when they are making good choices so that they feel supported and their Inner Wealth not only grows but thrives. This allows even students who might normally really struggle in social settings to develop their relational skills in a safe and supported environment.

The combination of Choice Theory and Nurtured Heart helps ensure students feel supported and loved, enabling them to better make good choices and grow into their best possible selves. They are freed from the constraints of so many schools, where only one choice is acceptable, and rather they can make the choice that is best for them and who they are in a way that also helps develop the community because they are invested in that community as it supports them.

This is not complicated, but compared to all too many schools, it may at first seem revolutionary. The results speak for themselves, however, as our students graduate at rates well above “normal” schools and the vast majority go on to get college educations. The Glasser Approach is instrumental to achieving this level of sustainable success.

Introduction to Nurtured Heart Approach

Howard Glasser, Creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, introduces you to this globally-acclaimed relationship-based method for building Inner Wealth in all children and helping challenging children use their intensity successfully. In this short film, child-advocates and experts from around the world, share with you the impact that the Approach has had not only in their professional practice, but in their lives. Get a precious first-hand glimpse of children who know the greatness of who they are and how the adults in their lives that have nurtured this truth.

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Your child deserves to be accepted and seen for who they are. At Warren Glen Academy they will be.

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