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March 12, 2020

Dear Warren Glen Academy Parent/Guardian,

There have been significant developments over the past few weeks in health recommendations and school/public domain planning in anticipation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Warren Glen Academy is closely following the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and that of the Warren County Department of Health. The guidance we receive from the Department of Education and Department of Health can literally change throughout the day. We are vigilant in staying alert to the guidance.

In a previous letter sent home to you on February 28 we outlined the cleaning practices and basic sanitary/handwashing protocols we have enhanced at the school and these remain in effect. As always, if you are sick – stay home. This letter will describe how we will move forward in the event the Warren County Health Department, State of New Jersey or some other entity MANDATES school closure for the purpose of limiting the transmission of COVID-19 within the community.

The School Emergency Response team has met and has gathered the most current information and best practices to develop such a plan in providing a continuation of instruction. While this is an unprecedented development in our modern society, we are confident that our program plan will be implemented in cooperation with you and your child.

Here is how the program will work if school is mandated to close;

Your child will have WEB access to a program called “MobyMax” or “IXL” depending upon your child’s grade level. Your child’s classroom teacher will have already prompted your child in how to access/log-on the program (password protected) and how to navigate through the pages. The prescribed lesson will appear, and your child will complete the lessons in Math, Science, Language Arts/Reading and Social Studies on the computer. Dependent upon the scope of the core subject work assigned, textbooks, workbooks and individual packets may also be sent/mailed home for use. Please be reminded that these are to be returned to the school in good condition. A separate work packet has been developed for your child to alternatively choose a subject to complete daily in the area of Physical Education, Life Skills, or Social Skills. Only one of these topics (your child’s choice, and they can be varied each day) is requested to be completed daily and a log (included in packet) is to be kept of the activity completed.

If your child does not have internet access or access to a computer or other type of technology device to complete the assignments, a paper packet will be provided to you. The paper packet will either be mailed home, or if notified in advance of the school closure it will be sent home with your child. Contact your child’s teacher if you DO NOT have technology capability as soon as possible to make arrangements to receive a paper packet.

For our planning purposes teachers have planned an interval of 20 days in advance for lessons. Your child should be able to complete the core academic lessons provided within a minimum of a 2 to 2½ hour timeframe per day. The Physical Education, Life Skills, or Social Skills packet can be completed at your child’s leisure. Teachers will have remote access to your child’s work as they complete the lessons provided.

Teachers will be available via their school e-mail and will be able to communicate basic information through e-mail. You may request a phone call through an e-mail and the teacher will call you when available. Please be aware that the call may identify as “unknown caller” on your phone ID.

The success of the plan and your child’s instruction will partially rely upon the parent/guardian to cooperate and follow-up with the child to ensure that the instructional piece has been completed by your child. Once we return to school, all lessons are to be returned with your child.

Below please find your child’s teacher e-mail address;

Level I – Mrs. Ritchie:
Level II – Mrs. Andreychak:
Level III – Mr. Arrigan:
Level IV and V – Mrs. Fallstich:
Counselor – Mrs. Dragotta:
Executive Director – Dr. Pratt:

Free and/or Reduced Lunch;

If your child has qualified for free and/or reduced lunch, the Maschio’s Food Service will be providing a bagged lunch service for those students. Lunch will be provided at the Warren Glen Academy for pick-up only at the lower parking lot door. (Time is to be determined). There is no need for you to call each day since this will be a predetermined bagged type lunch and available each day. However, we do need to know in advance if you will be participating by calling 908-995-1999 ext. 101 and leave a message.

In closing;

These are indeed unprecedented times and these measures are the best at the present time we can accomplish from what can be considered a “moving target” with guidelines changing. The health of your child, your family, and staff in combating any air borne illness is for the well-being of our school and larger society. We will heed the advice of the health professionals and modify plans as needed for the desired outcome in overcoming this virus.

• If the school were suddenly mandated to close because of COVED-19, the above referenced information will immediately kick into gear.

• Field Trips planned have been cancelled through April 19. This will be reevaluated as time progresses.

• If your sending district happens to close, and we are not, the sending district will not provide transportation for your child. However, each child will receive a packet.

If you have questions pertaining to the information above, please contact your child’s teacher or the main office. As mentioned, the guidance is frequently changing. We will update you as we move forward using USPS, e-mail, phone, or our website

Stay healthy and be well.

This is an important message from the Warren Glen Academy.

Over the past few weeks, and in consultation with public school districts in Warren County, Warren County Department of Health, and the Department of Education have been attempting to contain the Coronavirus and keep it from spreading.

As per the letter dated March 12 which was sent home with your child as well as mailed home, we have prepared extensively for the possibility of school closing because of this virus. Teachers have developed packets of lessons either on-line, in paper format, or both, which your child has access to and will be required to complete. All information was sent home with your child on Friday, March 13. Click here to read the letter.

All public schools in Warren County are closing for ten days. Therefore, the Warren Glen Academy will be closed for the next 10 days. We will be closed starting Monday, March 16 through March 27. As new guidance is presented from the Governor or an authority agency, this timeline can change.

Your child’s instruction at home will begin as of Monday, March 16. Teachers can be accessed through their e-mail if you have questions. Please refer to the March 12 letter for more detailed information.

  • Our preparedness plan means that the 180 school day minimum as required by the Department of Education will continue.
  • This is an unprecedented time and we will follow the guidelines as they become available and inform you of changes.
  • Limited personnel will have limited time, most likely morning hours, in the building during the next ten days. If needed, please e-mail the respective teacher for information or leave a message at the school and we will address your question as soon as possible.

Please take the necessary precautions as outlined in previous letters and that of the health department.

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